About Us

What is Vets End?

Vets End Incorporated is a non-profit organization aimed directly at our OIF/OEF Veterans. 

Our Main Goal

Lets keep it simple here, our main goal is to help as many Veterans with whatever they may need help with.

We really do mean whatever. Advocacy, Therapy, Recovery, Crisis management, Financial, Dental, Medical, the list goes on and if we can't help directly we are going to find someone who can!

What about Music?

Music is our center. Our heartbeat. Bringing Veterans together to make music is a wonderfully healing opportunity. There is something about music that heals the soul and clears the mind. We live it every day. We can teach Veterans how to play instruments, we can get them quality instruments to start with and we can give them the brotherhood and sisterhood they may be missing. All Vets are welcome to join the club.