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About Us


The Evolution of Vets Landing

Vets Landing has evolved into a journey to speak with Veterans, Families, and other Veteran Service Organizations in each of the lower 48 States. We will then put it all together into a documentary film. While we will also be adventuring on the side, the documentary will take center stage. We want to find out what the common thread or not so common thread that is keeping many Veterans down! Lets get this conversation started! We are setting off April 2020

Project Vets LAnding (Teaser Trailer)

Dependable Gear


Vets Landing Recreational Therapy

We also believe that getting away from it all is a serious tool to use in combating the symptoms of some mental health issues. Hiking, camping, fishing, you name it. If it can be done outdoors, lets go there and do it! We will forge the trail and establish a Vet friendly Network across the country, to facilitate ease of travel for our members.

Weekend Camping


Overnight Camping with a group of Fellow Vets. Both Vets Only and Family Camp-outs.

Part/Full Time RV Living


Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.



Hike it out. We can hike by the hour, the day or even multi-day trips! Hiking can be an incredible way to find your way through inner turmoil. 

Fishing / Boating


A bad day fishing is better than what? Pretty much anything! 

National Parks


The National Park System has the coolest program for our Country's Vets! Those who have served ought to be able to see our amazing national parks.

Day Trips


Sometimes a little day trip is all we need to hit the week with renewed energy and a different perspective! Where do you want to go?